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Gusto Email App is Awesome, Simple, & Powerful!!
“Had the chance to check out Gusto – the new email app.
Love it! Think of it as HootSuite for email.”
– Jeff
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Attach Your Files

Finally, you can attach your files and photos in email. Gusto saves all files and photos you’ve ever sent or received, automatically, across all your email accounts, so you don’t have to. All your files and photos in email in one place.  Email just got powerful, visual, and simple.

Save time, attach files, and live, with Gusto…

“I connected both my personal and work email. Now, I have all my files and photos from the last decade in one place, AND I can easily find and attach files. Awesome!” -Shawn, Indianapolis




Powerful Search

Tired of wasting time searching through a sea of emails for that one file you need? With Gusto, you can quickly find the exact file, photo, or email you’re looking for.  Easily search and filter by keyword, person, file type, account, date, and so much more.

Search, Find, Attach, and Go, with Gusto…

“I was looking for a PowerPoint file in my Gmail account that I sent to Bob two months ago. With Gusto, I found it instantly. Such a time saver! Three thumbs up!” – Brad, New York




Share with Gusto

Discover the hidden treasure buried in your email. Find photos you’ve forgotten you owned. Share photos or attach them in emails while you’re on the go.

Find and share your photos with Gusto…

“My Mom emailed me a ton of photos of my childhood years ago. I never saved them and totally forgot about them. Gusto found them for me and I just shared them on Facebook! Thank you, Gusto!” – Katie, Los Angeles

Your Photos


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